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  1. I am a Retired Lockheed Employee with an interest in some particular opportunities as posted on the lockheedmartinjobs.com/Careers Website …

    The account has been established for several years and I tend to use some aspect of it very often.

    On 22 April I complied with the change password requirement and received a confirmation email. I continued on the site to completion of an application … a few minutes after that submission I did receive the usual email confirmation. I reviewed a few other items and then logged off …

    I have been unable to log on since then … The password I have good reason to believe I submitted is not recognize by the system … and now I find myself in a somewhat circular problem that most likely I will not be able to resolve at my level. The three security questions now being required on rest of password sequence are required to be submitted Exactly – I submitted those responses a very long time ago and there are many realistic possible variations on the EXACT spelling of the responses I had given … no luck so far and of course lockout properly occurs quickly …

    Is there any mechanism to get this reset so that I can restore my account? I have not found a way to speak with anyone associated with the security processes. If there is any possible way I can get my access to the account restored It would be appreciated.

    Contact info….
    LaVar Jesse Duffin
    Cell 512 718 1327
    L/L 512 303 0240
    131 Lehman Lane
    Bastrop, TX 78602-3267
    [email protected]
    Former Lockheed employee Nr 622755
    Any help in resolving this will be appreciated.
    Thank you

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